Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blogs Are Special

I am currently blog hoping when I should be, sleep when you're dead. Yea, so this can get addicting and I have NO idea why? Geez, I'm like some crazed stalker looking for interesting blogs. Warning, I've managed to accidentally come across a few unsavory ones. Too gross to even waste finger functions lol. I'm off to bed, but I will say this. I have not a clue as how to add other's peoples blogs which I enjoy to my reading list. Yes I googled it and am too friggin tired to even try and bother with it. Tomorrow a new day, a new task.....more like in 5 hours a cranky me with a messy room and procrastination. Hate to admit that too, maybe in another post. 'Tis my weakness and own pet peeve. I exploit time that should be well spent doing productive chores or errands. Instead I will myself to mind numbing Internet shananigans in some desperate hope to enjoy myself. Failure every time I notice it's doing nothing but enabling selfish little old me. Again, another post....later!

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