Thursday, March 19, 2009

Allow me to introduce myself!

Well hello, hello! This is Strange Girl and her brand spanking new blog. Woo hoo! All new things are exciting and a little nerve wrecking, like the first day of school or trick or treating. Ok, wait trick or treating was waaay more fun. Got to dress up and get candy in doing so. School made me die a little inside, heh. Correction, all new things are exciting and a little nerve wrecking, like trick or treating on Halloween....only I'll be doing this everyday instead of once a year! Actually I hope to keep up on here as often as possible, but there isn't any kind of guarantee. This spewing my life on the Internet for the world to see is a passion of mine and I wish to be successful in just that! I'll know once the feed back sounds something like "you suck" or "omgosh dude i hate that" or "i friggin love you, marry me?". As you can tell anything will do to cure my self absorbed attention seeking ways lol.

In all seriousness, my very existence is but a blip on the radar but I plan to virtually wave my arms like a daft lunatic on this blog to get my point across. There is no such thing as perfect, or role model. Hell, there's no such thing as ideal or happily ever after either. At least not anymore, I'll give you that much. It is what it is, whatever it is and putting anything on a peddle stool is begging for disappoint. My life is an example of all this in motion. I use to be such a dreamer and reality felt like a hammer to fine china, they just don't mesh well together. Once I began to accept and understand the humor in this, things began to be less daunting and more so a relief. The extremist that I am, it can be some what difficult to take the middle ground.....logic only shows itself after the human instinct to do or say whatever comes to mind at first, compelled by in-the-moment emotions.

Any hoo, Strange Girl is a personal definition/title of who I am. Right now in this passing second, I feel misunderstood and looked down upon because there is nothing normal about myself. Fitting in this massive, vague society isn't a priority but almost a necessity right? Majority doesn't believe that being an unique individual (in all aspects) is something to be desired. Yet, there are those who purposely jump out side the box into a completely different universe to "stand out" because that will make them "leaders" of their own kind. It in turn stereotypes who they think they are, having no real similarity to anyone else. Then there are those who can't help but be a little different. Fame, fortune, skill, uncommon abilities, class all or just one set them apart automatically. But I think people like me fell between the cracks into a sub category. We're the largest group but some how unseen? Everyday schmoes, building blocks that make the world go round. We're nowhere near alike, little differences are huge in our group. I don't know how else to describe us. The gas station attendant, lady at the cash register, the stock boy, taxi driver, etc. We take on the worlds most use full roles but don't stick out enough to be recognized. Odd. (So that's 4 right? The Normies, UnNormies, AboveNormies, Unknowns.)

As much smack as I write (you'll soon see), realisticly everyone and their mother walk all over me. Not that I get pleasure from other peoples bull shit, and not because I'm a "nice" person. Just don't see the point in confrontation unless it's absolutely required. Guess my self esteem can range from "da shit" to "shit" in a quick minute, a bipolaresque trait. It's actually just my inherit extreme nature. Good, bad. Left, right. Sad, Happy. The in between doesn't stick around too much, but we're learning!

Bleh, the montage of everything is: A confused but determined coming of age 20 something living in the middle of nowhere, stuck in a rut, starts a blog to try make sense of things. You sold yet?


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. Looks like you have put alot of work into your blog. good job